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How to hide websites you have visited from your family partner or boss.

Article by: "P WhatPorn"
Last revised: 14/03/2007

Did you know that your computer stores masses of information about what you have been doing on the internet, the sites you have visited, the pictures you have seen, what you typed in and so on.
It could be quite tricky explaining to your boss, wife, children what you went to for last Tuesday. What if you are innocently typing horn into the search engine and it autofills "hornytarts" for you!

Beware - you're being watched!
Below we describe how to hide the superficial evidence of your activity, this is probably enough to keep your wife or girlfriend with few computer skills from finding out where you've been. But if anyone with even basic computer knowledge will be using your computer, or worse still you connect to the Internet through via your employers systems, then you need one of the many products on the market that hide ALL the evidence - so that not even the FBI could tell where you'd been! It is simply not worth playing Russian Roulette with your job for the sake of a few dollars spent on a piece of software. This article from BBC news shows what the conscequences of getting caught could be - click here to read it. One of the best products for hiding all your evidence is Evidence-Eliminator, we use this at when we have to work from home and don't want our girlfriends to see what we've been reviewing! We've negotiated 10% off the price of Evidence Eliminator, exclusively for Whatpornsite visitors - If you'd rather be safe than sorry

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But if you know that your partner still mistakes your computer for the microwave then you'll probably get away with hiding your superfical tracks as described below...

Hiding your superficial tracks!
Firstly your temporary internet files hold absolutely every file you accessed recently. The easiest way to delete them in Internet Explorer is to click on Tools, Click on Internet Options and the following screen appears. In the centre you will see Browsing History. If you click on delete

Then this screen appears.

Click the delete boxes to clear all offline files except passwords. Note this will delete all temporary files not just those you want to hide.

If you don't want to delete some internet files particularly cookies then you can use explorer to browse the folders the files are in and delete them individually. Beware there will be a large number of them and choosing between ones you want and ones you don't wont always be easy. The files can usually be found in the Windows directory in the Temporary Internet Files folder within the Local Settings folder. The History data is kept in the History folder within Windows.

Once you have deleted the files be sure to empty the recycle bin to really get rid of them.

Auto Complete
To stop IE automatically filling in things when you type go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options again. This time click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see the use inline auto complete options and uncheck them. Then click OK.

Icon dumping
Other places to look for unwanted items are on the start menu and desktop. Some web sites dump icons and short cuts here. They can easily be deleted by right clicking on them and selecting the delete option.

All of the actions above need to be performed after every IE session to clear up most of the evidence. This does get tiresome and you may have to exit in a hurry before you can clean up. Also just deleting files does not remove the data. Any good PC engineer will be able to find it again unless you clean up your disk

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Good luck hiding your tracks!!