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We get asked so many questions about the adult internet that we've decided to put answers to them all on the Whatpornsite site.

We've covered a whole load of questions for you from
What will appear on my credit card statement when I subscribe to a site?
How can I stop adult sites I visit from opening new browser windows?"
How can I hide web addresses I have visited from my family, partner or boss?

We've got a whole section planned on the different methods of payment for adult sites. Did you know that most sites let you pay by: Credit Card, debit card, check, phone, mail and give you the option of paying by the minute? The article highlighting which methods are safest, which are quickest and which are cheapest. Check back soon for this very useful information...

The menu on the left hand side has a list of all the questions that we've answered so far but if you have a question you would like us to answer please email us.
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Hide where you've been!

Keep your job, keep your marriage, keep out of trouble Keep your job,
keep your marriage, keep out of trouble!
Learn how to hide the superficial evidence of your surfing activities for free! Plus we review the best software for hiding ALL evidence of your surfing - so that even professionals can't track your habits. Read this article, it might save your job, marriage or even your life!

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How can I stop adult sites I visit from opening new browser windows?

How to stop new windows being opened? Show your browser who is boss. Learn how to stop annoying pop up windows.
We show you the simple trick to stopping websites opening new windows that you don't want. We also show you more permanent ways to stop the pop ups.

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