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The search is at an end as we have finally found a watersports site we wholeheartedly approve of! Yes my friends, Golden Boys USA is that rarest of sites, a professional opertaion with gorgeous, fit, young guys and that horniest of sex play activities, hot piss gushing from a cock!

Unlike the usual fetish sites which always seem to have a few seedy old geezers with a penchant for leather and buggery this site has young frat guys with decent bodies and attractive faces that should be allowed on the information superhighway!
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We were really not sure what to expect from this site but we were pleasantly amazed! GoldenboysUSA is not just a porn site but a massive site entirely dedicated to watersports. It all started out as a bunch of guys hosting a piss party in New York and it has just taken off from there.

Paties are held at regular intervals now from the USA to Berlin and all the piss filled fun and frolics is photographed and filmed for your viewing pleasure!

Enough anyway, you just wanna know what you are gonna get for your hard earned money don't ya! Okay, when you enter the site for those of you who just can't wait to see some of this hot XXX action click on Pictures & Video!

Click for big image

There are sixteen galleries of piss pictures gathered from the net which saves you a job, some are better than others but most had the ability to begin a stirring in the pants.

Check out Dominant & Submissive if you really want to see how some guys like to play!

Don't waste too much time in there though as there are loads of pictures of those GBU Piss Parties for you to check out. We love the GBU Christmas Party, Kyle's piss initiation ceremony!!! Several horny young fuckers teach Blond Kyle the ropes as he is pissed on and cum on!! Also don't miss Frat Boy's Wet Revenge!!!

We have been told by the guys at Golden Boys USA that they hope to have all the pics and film of the Berlin Piss Party ready for you in a fortnight or so, nice one!!

Click for big image

Don't be fooled into thinking that this is just a watersports site though, there is a lot of hardcore action in there with wanking, rimming, anal toys and deep throat BJs.

Nothing is guaranteed to give you the horn quite like watching as young ass is pummelled by a rock hard cock still dripping with warm pee!

Videos are great and you can save them! Check out "Hazing" and "Forced" for some really hot action, watch as a fully clothed Tristan is thrown on the bathroom floor and pissed upon by three drunk frat boys !!! Excellent!

There are loads of services on offer from art and culture to health advice. You even get profiles of the guys who bring Golden Boys to you! All in all, we recommend this site especially if you know nothing about watersports as it's informative and a lot hornier than you would have thought!

Publisher description:

Golden Boys USA:
A Watersports Portal Site with everything you could ever need!
Art and culture, health, stories, pictures, videos, humour ... all here!
Loads of hardcore man on man action.....
Young, fit, toned frat boys....all here waiting for you!!!

How do I join?
$19.95 - 30 days recurs
$89.95 - Annual recurs

Reviewed 2/12/2006

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Mega-site with everything you could ever want plus some! Amazing videos, pics and guys! XXX
The date may not go well but the ass pounding fun afterwards certainly does!!

"...[I] have never signed up tp any kind of fetish site before but this was nothing like i expected, the guys are real and fit and the action is not scripted. Top marks!!!"
Matt, Oregon, USA

"I would recommend this site to anyone! No bears or old daddies in buttless chaps anywhere, regular guys enjoying some filthy sex!"
Danny, Manchester, England

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