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It's a tried and tested formula but you guys seem to love it and as far as these reality sites go this one is very hardcore and there is a lot more action than the usual!

Straight guys, curious guys and those just needing a few dollars get themselves involved in some very steamy XXX action for you!
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The site is all new, original and exclusive so you won't find this stuff anywhere else. The images are really good quality and the videos are excellent.

There are loads of different guys available, leather wearing, hairy mature Bruno to Latino twink Lorenzo. There's a lot in-between too with loads of by next door types.

Generally action always seems to involve a gargantuan dildo which is great to watch the bi-curious guys with, they actually look scared as it penetrates deep inside them but they are wanking off soon enough as it is thrust in and out of their stretched arseholes!

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So, what do you get for your money then? Well loads of images and some very hardcore video with a vague plot going on!

Cedrik, who by anyone's accounts is a complete slut, will go to any lengths to get some playmates, even unplugging his cable and getting his neighbour to come fix it.... this culminates in a dildo fest and some very explicit anal action!

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In conclusion this site is much like all the other new breed of site but it's slightly more dirty than the others and features an extraordinary amount of sex toys. guys are okay looking but what they lack in looks they make up for in enthusiasm!

Publisher description:
Guys in the City
The city can be an exciting place, especially for these guys who always seem to be horny and ready for some action. They're always pulling new stunts to find themselves new boy toys or converting straight guys into ass obsessed guys. Wait till you see the tricks these guys pull on unsuspecting victims. They'll do anything for a fresh new cock to play with!

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$4.99 - 3 days trial
$39.99 - 1 mth recurs

Reviewed 12/7/2006

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Massive 16 for the price of one deal! If you can;t find the twinks you want in here you never will!


"This is great for a reality site although some of the guys could be more attractive but they all put in a great performance"
Tom, Ayr, Scotland, EU

" I loved it, mush better than the usual reality sites coz the guys are not old and the action includes a lot of playing with toys ... just what i like"
Brett, Adelaide, Australia

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